How To Unlock Core Voltage Using MSI Afterburner

Unlocking the core voltage on MSI Afterburner is a great way to test how far you can push your graphics card.  In this article, we will show how to unlock core voltage using MSI Afterburner, and how to underclock GPU using MSI Afterburner as well. This is a guide for beginners so don’t worry it’s easy.

How to unlock core voltage using MSI Afterburner 


Install MSI Afterburner


Open the program and click Settings


Click on the General option and select Unlock core voltage

How to unlock core voltage using MSI Afterburner


Click on Apply Button


Test out your new unlocked voltage by playing video games or running benchmarks like 3DMark 11 or Heaven Benchmark 4.0.

How To Unlock Core Voltage Using MSI Afterburner- 2 Method

Open MSI Afterburner to the Advanced tab in the upper-right corner. Enable “Unlock voltage control” in Voltage Control Settings. Next, select a Target GPU Clock to offset from the dropdown menu near the top of the window and add an increase in mV up to +87mV for increased power usage.

Remember that higher clocks usually come with a proportional increase in fan speed or ambient temperatures that could have a negative effect on performance if not properly controlled.

Finally, press Apply at the bottom to confirm your changes and close out of MSI Afterburner once more.

Your video card will now start using new values for core voltage when running clock speeds you set via this tool.

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How to unlock core voltage using MSI Afterburner – 3 Method

The first thing you need to do is open up the software by going into Start -> Program Files -> System Tools and opening up MSI AfterBurner.  Once that loads, go ahead and click on the Settings button on the bottom right-hand side of the window.  You should see a new window pop up with all sorts of options.  From here, click on the MSI On-Screen Display Server tab in order to get started

Now that you are looking at the MSI On-Screen Display Server Options menu, look for Core Voltage Control and change it from Disabled to Enabled.  After you have done this, scroll down a little bit and look for Core Voltage.  Change the default voltage to whatever you feel comfortable with overclocking your GPU at (I usually change it to +100).

Now that we are finished in MSI Afterburner, let’s head over into NVIDIA Inspector as I mentioned earlier.  Before we get into how to underclock GPU on MSI Afterburner, let’s first get familiar with NVIDIA Inspector.

Installing NVIDIA Inspector Now that you have downloaded and installed NVIDIA Inspector, open up the program.  From here click on “File” in the top left-hand side of the window and go ahead down to “Import Profile. From here, click on “Browse” in order to find MSI Afterburner.

Number one: Once you have the NVIDIA Inspector open go ahead and click on “Tools” in order to bring up a drop-down menu of options.  From here, choose Log Dump. Now that you are looking at your Log Dump, look for the line that says “GPU Utilization” and make sure it reads 100%.

Number two:  From here we can now begin to underclock GPU on MSI Afterburner. Look at how much memory is being used and how many pixels fill rate you have (both of these should be fairly low). Once you have done this, you can start to underclock GPU on MSI Afterburner.

The best way how to underclock GPU is by taking the memory clock and lowering it until either your pixel fill rate or usage goes down significantly. If you are still unsure how to unlock core voltage on the MSI afterburner keep reading our guide.

MSI Afterburner Can’t Change Core Voltage

MSI afterburner can’t change core voltage because if you increase the voltage too much, it will cause your CPU to overheat.

So what you have to do is adjust your fan speed so that the airflow for cooling is more than what’s being produced by the heat coming from the CPU.

Here Are Three Ways To Assign A Voltage To The Core.

#1 is by editing MSI Afterburner’s config file, which will be different for everyone depending on their settings.

#2 is by selecting an offset voltage under the “Load Line” section,

#3 is simply assigning a manual voltage in the Load Line section.

Why unlocking your core voltage can be a good idea for some games?

This is a good idea because the graphic card can work much more efficiently at a lower voltage. At a given overclocking speed, it draws less from the power supply and creates less heat thereby resulting in longer gaming sessions without any glitches or lagging.

A higher voltage will run hotter which means that if you exceed your system’s thermal limits, then the frequency may be throttled back to prevent further damage as components within your PC can melt.

This leads to slower performance overall for example an AMD Ryzen 7 1800X not being able to push its base clock of 3.6 GHz up all the way up to 4GHz because it’s already clocked above 100 degrees Celsius so throttling back performance would be a considerable loss in productivity.


Now You have details information about How to unlock core voltage using MSI Afterburner. If you are overclocking your graphics card, it is essential to do so safely and with the appropriate tools.

With this software on hand, you will be able to monitor your GPU’s temperature more closely as well as increase its clock speed for smoother gameplay without any glitches or lagging that might happen otherwise.