MSI Laptop Camera Not Working? Here Is What You Need to Do

Why Is MSI Camera Not Working?

Webcam use has gained a significant boost with the trend of working from home after the COVID-19 pandemic. Most people who are involved in video conferencing and communication are looking for laptops with built-in webcams. MSI (Micro-Star International) has earned recognition for offering mid to high-advanced laptops and gaming hardware peripherals. If your MSI laptop camera not working correctly is causing you problems, learn the simple fixes to solve it easily.

There are major reasons that could cause your MSI laptop webcam to stop working suddenly. By default, the laptop cameras are turned off or disabled. So, you need to turn it on. The locked F keys (located at the top of the keyboard) make it difficult to turn on the webcam.

A faulty webcam or keyboard could also be the culprit for the MSI camera not functioning properly. Also, the outdated camera driver can make the camera stop working. Let’s now understand how to make your MSI camera work appropriately.

Enable Camera Access

As discussed above, the MSI laptop camera is disabled by default for some privacy concerns. Hence, when you need to open the webcam, you will receive a notification that says it requires permission for access. To enable the webcam manually, open Settings by pressing the Windows + I key. Navigate to Privacy & security and scroll down to App permission. Choose Camera and turn on Camera Access.

Update Camera Drivers Manually

Most frequently, updating the system drivers is significant to speed up Mac and other computers. So, when the MSI camera doesn’t work, update the camera driver. To update it manually, visit MSI’s official support site and locate the respective integrated webcam drivers. After downloading the right drivers, click twice on the downloaded file and follow the instructions. 

You should also consider visiting online tutorials to read more about optimizing your laptop’s performance in case the issues are related to more than just the device’s camera.

Update Camera Driver Automatically

If you don’t have the time to update the webcam driver manually, do it automatically. Press Windows on your laptop and type Device Manager in the search box. Or, press Windows and X to access Device Manager. Now, choose Device Manager. When the device manager tab appears, tap on the Camera option. At last, tap on the Driver button and choose the Update Driver option.  

Uninstall/Reinstall Camera Drivers

If the camera driver is a culprit, uninstall and reinstall to remove any hidden errors from the driver. To start this process, find the device manager and tap on it. Click twice on Imagine devices or cameras. Right-click the first driver in the drop-down list. Choose the Uninstall Device option. For confirmation, tap on uninstall again when a pop-up appears. Now, restart your computer. It will automatically reinstall the driver after booting.

Rollback Driver to Previous Version

If updating the driver does not fix the MSI laptop camera not working issue, roll back the driver to the previous version. First, press the Windows and the X key on the keyboard. Then, select Device Manager. Expand the Camera and click twice on the driver. Now, access the Driver button and click on the Roll Back Driver. At last, click on the OK button. If this solution doesn’t work, uninstall the driver.

Update Chipset Drivers

These drivers are small computer files that allow the OS to interact effectively and work with the motherboard. You can solve the camera problem by updating the chipset drivers. Press Windows and type Device Manager to open it. Expand System Devices and right-click on the required driver. Select Update Driver from the menu. Choose the option for automatically updating the driver and follow the prompts.

Delete Recently Installed Apps

Sometimes the newly installed app, such as image editing or screenshot capturing app, is a reason why the MSI camera is not working. To fix the issue, try to uninstall the application. Tap the Windows key and type Control Panel in the search space. Hit on the Control Panel, and tap Programs. Now, open Programs and Features and tap on the recently installed program. Choose Uninstall and restart your system after uninstallation.

Troubleshoot Hardware

Internal hardware damage or issue could affect the MSI laptop camera working. To identify the cause and solve the problem, troubleshoot hardware. For this, press the Windows + R keys. Now, type sdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic in the search area and tap Enter. It will open up a Hardware and Device Troubleshooter. Follow the on-screen instructions to identify the hardware causing the issue. Then, follow the troubleshooting process.

The Conclusion

Are you a passionate content creator or a gamer? MSI high-end laptops are perfect for you. If you find that its webcam doesn’t function properly for the gaming streaming platform, use the above-mentioned solutions. If all of these fixes don’t solve the issue, check your camera condition. There might be a possibility of camera damage. So, reach professional support to check and diagnose a camera.