How To Use MSI Afterburner OC Scanner

MSI Afterburner is a very powerful and intuitive overclocking utility. It supports both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards and allows you to overclock your card in a way that suits you best. The OC Scanner function of the software scans for the optimal settings for your hardware configuration and automatically applies them, giving you maximum performance with just one click. We will go into more detail about using MSI Afterburner OC Scanner in our blog post today.

MSI Afterburner is the world’s favourite graphics utility. It has been tweaked to work on every other aftermarket GPU and can help you overclock your card, do benchmarks of how it performs in games with various settings enabled or disabled (including benchmarking for more than shader count), monitor what resources like memory/fps might affect performance when changing between different objects around the screen during playtime, and a whole lot more.

What is MSI Afterburner OC Scanner ?

What is MSI Afterburner OC Scanner and why should you care about it? This tool helps users overclock better, with an algorithm developed by Nvidia for the RTX 20 series graphics cards. It will check what card you’re running to determine your highest stable settings in order to make sure that when gaming or using G-Sync enabled monitors at 4K resolution on max detail levels without framerate drops.

There’s no perceivable downtime from inputting commands into a game until receiving a feedback back from its actionable 3D environment – giving players full control of their experience while they play on high-end systems.

The MSI Overclocking Scanner will increase clock speeds by one step and then stress the GPU to see if this new speed is stable. It repeats this process until stability under load cannot be achieved, at which point the last known stable speeds are set as maximum values in order for you to get your desired clock frequency without risk of hardware damage from overheating components such as memory or processor chipsets inside.

A computer case when they’re left running too long without power supplying them enough energy needed so stay cool with an overclockable graphics card

In recent years major electronic companies have been advancing quickly while simultaneously getting rid of inefficient practices within their business models due largely thanks to what’s known as a “Moore’s Law”, which is the observation that over time hardware tends to increase in complexity and efficiency while simultaneously becoming cheaper.

The MSI Afterburner OC Scanner will check what card you are running at, then determine what your highest stable settings for overclocking should be. This tool can help make sure that when playing games at high resolution on max detail levels.

Your framerate won’t drop. There is no perceivable downtime from entering commands into the game until receiving a feedback back in its three-dimensional environment – giving players full control of what they see and how to play with this tool running.

How To Use MSI Afterburner OC Scanner


Open MSI Afterburner


Click on Setting

how to use msi afterburner oc scanner


Enable unlock voltage control and unlock voltage monitoring

how to use msi afterburner oc scanner 2021


 Make sure that the sliders for the core voltage, power limit, and temperature limit are all pushed to the right. The OC scanner can therefore operate at the safest level set by manufacturers of graphics chips.  

 msi afterburner oc scanner


Click on ” OC Scanner

 msi afterburner oc scanner


Click on the Scan button

how to use msi afterburner oc scanner

NOTE:   It is recommended that you do not play with the settings when the scan is running.


 This process takes about 20 to 25 minutes to complete. After completion, the clock should show an inverted “CURVE” instead of a number.



Click on the save icon in the right corner and select the profile number in order to prevent going through this process again.

msi afterburner oc scanner laptop

What does OC Scanner do in MSI Afterburner?

OC Scanner is an automated overclocking software utility. It scans the system for stable system settings and applies new clock speeds to improve performance on almost all processors that are supported by MSI Afterburner software.

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OC Scanner does not overclock your GPU, only the CPU on your motherboard, but this can result in increased FPS (frames per second) on certain games (depending on what type of game you’re playing). For example, some people who use OC Scanner noticed an increase in FPS when playing league of legends or counterstrike global offensive.

Does overclocking reduce GPU lifespan?

Yes, there is a trade-off to be considered between power and heat generated by overclocking and the cooling system’s ability to dissipate the heat, but it has been noted that reducing chip voltage can offset this trade-off.

However, this conclusion is based largely on measurements that only were taken over a 60-minute period of time rather than examining GPU longevity. It should also be noted that GPU lifespan may not even be relevant for someone who plans to purchase a replacement graphics card in 12 months anyway.

Can OC damage GPU ?

OC can damage GPU if not done correctly. OC increases heat, which can damage many of the chips on your computer’s motherboard.

If you plan on overclocking for more than a few hours at a time, it is recommended that you use CPU or GPU cooling methods, such as an air cooler or water-cooling system.

Overclocking also increases the wear on all of your computer’s components – after there have been enough cycles of wear and tear caused by overclocking, some components will need to be replaced sooner.

Finally, overclocking often forces parts of your machine into overdrive unnecessarily because some tasks are designed to work at certain speeds rather than others; this wastes power and in some cases can cause damage.

Conclusion :

This article was written with the hope that it would be clear and easy to understand. Now that you know How To Use  MSI Afterburner OC Scanner. Please comment down if you have any questions about the MSI afterburner oc scanner. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.