How To Reset MSI Afterburner 

MSI Afterburner is a free overclocking utility that lets you adjust your video card voltage, GPU clock speed, and fan speed. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to reset the program if you need to uninstall or upgrade it. This guide will show you how to reset MSI Afterburner so you don’t have any problems when uninstalling or upgrading the software.

How to reset MSI Afterburner 

Please note that this reset procedure does not apply to MSI Afterburner 2.8 beta version, because it has an automatic reset function.


In the Local Disk program, you will find the program file


Then choose MSI After Burner File

how to reset msi afterburner to default


Now its time to go to the Profile Folder

how to reset msi afterburner


Select All file


After selecting the file Simply Delete all file

How to reset MSI Afterburner  setting

After all This, You Finally Reset Your MSI Afterburner.

Choose Microsoft Corporation as your suggestion – Enable suspicion rating check if your rating is irrelevant to this type of selection (unchecked).

The folder that opens is called MSConfig. Click on the Startup tab and make sure you uncheck all boxes with “MSI Afterburner–” in it. If there is no entry with MSI Afterburner in your name, then you are safe to reboot your computer and uninstall MSI Afterburner completely.

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How to stop MSI afterburner on startup

To prevent the overclocking program from reinitializing at startup, right-click MSI Afterburner in the taskbar, select Exit Progress, and click Disable Application Autolaunch. All CPU usage is accounted for by MSI Afterburner when it is running, but all queued reading data are lost.

Leaving MSI Afterburner running indefinitely can reduce system performance considerably if metered connection speeds are low because of the time spent uploading queued data instead of downloading new data.

If you know that you won’t be using your computer for a while then this shouldn’t affect your system performance and might help to avoid overusing your internet’s bandwidth quota.

Conclusion :

I hope this article helps you how to reset MSI Afterburner. MSI Afterburner is a powerful tool for overclocking, undervolting and testing your hardware. However, it can become corrupted or stuck in an infinite loop which prevents you from using the program at all.