How To limit FPS With MSI Afterburner 5 Method

Are you a gamer and want to know how to limit FPS with MSI Afterburner? If so, we have the answer for you. Read on!

MSI Afterburner is an app that offers many features that can help gamers optimize their gaming experience. For example, it offers key mappings and macro commands for games like Fortnite and PUBG. It also has settings such as overclocking, fan control, voltage control, power limits, custom curves/templates for graphics cards (AMD or Nvidia), and more.

One of its most popular features is how to limit FPS with MSI Afterburner: simply go into your in-game settings menu and set the desired framerate there instead of limiting it with MSI Afterburner.

Method How To limit FPS With MSI Afterburner


Run MSI Afterburner


Click the settings button in MSI Afterburner

How to Limit FPS with MSI Afterburner


In the active hardware monitoring section of the Monitoring tab, choose Framerate. The Show on Screen display box must be enabled.

Method How To limit FPS With MSI Afterburner


You can choose what shortcut to Toggle On-Screen Display you want to use in the On-Screen Display tab.


Alternatively, you can select “OK” at the bottom to exit the settings menu.


Open the new MSI On-Screen Display Server icon in your system tray.



To change your frame limit, click on the wrench on the upper right.

How to Limit FPS with MSI Afterburner – 2 METHOD

1 Open MSI Afterburner

2 Click “Settings” at the top left of the window

3 Select “Global Settings” on the left side of the screen

4 Under “Framerate Control”, click “Enable Framerate Limiter” to show a slider with different FPS options, then slide it to your desired setting and click OK 

5 If you want to limit your framerate for specific games, go back to Global Settings and select which game you would like to set a limit for 

6 To adjust settings in-game, right-click on any graph in Afterburner’s overlay while playing that game 

7 To remove all limits from a selected game, open that game’s profile under Global Settings and uncheck Enable Framerate Limiter under Framerate Control.

Method How To limit FPS With MSI Afterburner – 3 METHOD

open the MSI afterburner app on your computer go to the settings or profile management tab and create a new custom preset, choose how many frames per second you want the game to run at. Save it! Then select that preset in games where you wish framerate limit is applied.

how to limit fps with MSI afterburner by setting the desired framerate directly from the graphics card settings menu of each individual game instead of limiting it through an application like MSI Afterburner. If this tutorial helped please share it across social media platforms 🙂 To learn more about how to use other features offered by MSI Afterburners check out our website for detailed tutorials here.

How to limit FPS Windows 104 METHOD

1 Open the Start Menu

2 Search for “Windows Powershell” and open it

3 Type in “Set-ExecutionPolicy Restricted -Force” without quotes

4 Press Enter on your keyboard to confirm the changes. You will be prompted by a UAC message. 

5 Click Yes to continue with the execution policy change.

7 Close Windows PowerShell and restart Windows 10 to apply these new settings, or press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, click Task Manager, select File > New task (Run…) then type PowerShell into the box and hit enter. This will launch a new instance of Powershell which can close down once you have applied your desired FPS limit.

8 Navigate to Settings > System > Display > Advanced display settings > Monitor refresh rate where you can set your monitor’s refresh rate at 60Hz for example if you want a more fluid experience but remember that this may affect battery life when playing games on laptops! 

Method How To Limit FPS Windows 10 5 METHOD

1 Open up your Windows 10 Settings

2 Click on Gaming

3 Change the Max FPS to 60, or whatever you prefer

4 Turn off Vsync and Triple Buffering (if it’s turned on) 

5 If you want to play at a higher refresh rate like 144Hz, turn off Fullscreen Optimization and click Apply 

6 Enjoy playing video games with less lag

Also Try This Method For How To limit FPS With MSI Afterburner – 6 METHOD

There are a few different ways to limit your FPS with MSI Afterburner. Here we’ve listed the first and easiest one:

1 Disable or reduce screen tearing with RivaTuner or RivaTuner Lite.

2 Set the end frame to 60 in the MSI Afterburner settings. 

3 Tweak in-game settings if desired, but keep FPS at 60 unless you are playing a game that specifically benefits from a higher framerate.

4 Adjust monitor refresh rate when available for smoother gameplay on monitors below 100Hz. 

5 Turn off any applications running in the background before gaming, including processes related to antivirus software, which may be consuming valuable CPU resources and hampering game performance. 

6 now it’s time to Run games


MSI Afterburner is a useful app that can help gamers optimize their gameplay and get the most out of their graphics card. If you’re looking for more information on how it works, please read our blog post about its features to learn more! Are there any other gaming tips you would like us to cover? Let us know in the comments below.