How To Check CPU temp MSI Afterburner

It’s important to know if your CPU is overheating. If you don’t have a fan, then the CPU will overheat and die. This blog post will show you How To Check CPU temp MSI Afterburner so that you can prevent it from overheating.

It’s important to know if your CPU is overheating. If you don’t have a fan, then the CPU will overheat and die. This blog post will show you how to check your CPU temperature with MSI Afterburner so that you can prevent it from overheating.

How To Check CPU Temp Msi Afterburner


Install MSI Afterburner


Go to Setting

how to check cpu temp msi afterburne


Click on Monitoring Tab

how to check cpu temp msi afterburner guide.


Scroll Down until you see CPU temp without Number

How To Check CPU temp MSI Afterburner


Click on Show On display

cpu temp msi fterburner


Click On apply

It’s finally here! Start your game now and view your CPU temperature   

what is an MSI afterburner?

MSI Afterburner is an application designed for GPU control, video card management, system monitoring, and more to allow you maximum control over your hardware.

It has options for cooling profiles that automatically adjusts the fan speeds of your graphics cards depending on whether or not they are in low, normal or heavy loads to keep them cool under any circumstance. This utility also has advanced rendering which allows you have full range value even if you’re low on memory.

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Its voltage settings give you the ability to adjust the GPU to exactly what it needs so it can run at 100%. If all these don’t do what it takes for your performance requirement then there’s always the gaming mode which gives the full power of the GPU for your games.

It also has overvoltage and OC profiles which gives you more options to adjust how much voltage is required depending on how high or low you want to push its performance.

Is there any software that can be used to monitor temps? 

There are many programs that will work to monitor the temperature inside your house. One option is to do it online with An Ambient Weather Stations networked weather station or something similar, or you can use an old-fashioned analogue thermostat and keep track of the temps manually.

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What is the best way to monitor your CPU temps while overclocking? 

Monitoring CPU temperature while overclocking is a difficult task due to various variables, but there are some steps that can be taken. One of them would be using software such as RealTemp or Ryzen Master.

This way you don’t need any additional hardware nor do you need to install anything on your system other than the sensors giving you output in an easy-to-read GUI. Some alternatives include monitoring changes in load speeds and voltage, which isn’t always accurate so it can’t really replace proper monitoring equipment, unfortunately.

How often should I check my CPU temp?

We recommend checking your CPU temperature using Icelake’s OS at least 4-5 times a day. We also recommend tuning OS to reduce random work so OS isn’t working full throttle every second wasting power, but it can be done on i7 without too much pain.

When running, the OS will keep tabs on temps and provide alerts for when certain thresholds are reached. If there is any form of spills or near-incidents, the OS will also emit an alert if you ignored simple requests to shut down properly before making any changes as those may have led to shutdowns as well as water damage.


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