How To Enable The fps Counter in MSI Afterburner

Video games are enjoyed by many of you and for some, they become a hobby. Gamers take advantage of MSI Afterburner This software tool is used for overclocking and monitoring graphics cards to maximize their gaming experience.

The most important thing gamers don’t know about MSI Afterburner is how to enable the FPS counter. This step-by-step guide will teach you how to enable the fps counter in MSI Afterburner.

How To Enable The fps Counter in MSI Afterburner

How To Enable The fps Counter in MSI Afterburner


Enable the FPS counter in MSI Afterburner


Launch a game of your choice and start recording data


In the ‘Frame Time’ column, find the frame time that corresponds to 60fps (the desired framerate) 


Click on the fps counter icon to enable it for all future games you play 

How To Enable The fps Counter in MSI Afterburner

The first step in enabling an FPS counter in MSI Afterburner is to open the application. Click on the Settings button (the one with three horizontal lines) to open further options, and then select General > Injected OSD from the list. In the “Injected OSD” section, click on the “Add new hotkey” button and choose a key combination (e.g., Ctrl + Alt + F). – After creating your desired hotkey, the FPS counter will automatically appear on screen while using MSI Afterburner.

Now you can enjoy even more gaming by increasing the Frames Per Second (FPS) in-game!

By enabling an FPS counter in MSI Afterburner, gamers can make their perfect gaming experience even better! It’s time to try out the FPS counter now that you know how it can be enabled.

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MSI Afterburner FPS counter too fast

Adjust the object that used to be “3D Object Counter” and change the field of view to 60. FPS should now read in exact decimal numbers, rather than just being a fast readable number that updates every second or so. Please note that some people prefer reading faster FPS as it’s easier for them, but the 3D object counter is more accurate and allows you to see your FPS for whichever game you’re playing.

That concludes how to enable an FPS counter in MSI Afterburner. Thanks for reading and make sure to check out our other blog posts on how to use afterburner software or how much ram is needed for gaming pc before continuing onto the next steps of this how-to enable an FPS counter in MSI Afterburner guide.

Setting a frame rate limit through either Nvidia’s in-game limiter or MSI’s frame limiter will alleviate this problem and keep consistent performance with Afterburner polling at an accurate (but capped) frequency. Try setting the framerate to 151 fps and let us know how it goes if you want.

Conclusion :

We hope this article has been clear and easy to follow for everyone. Now that you know how to enable an FPS counter in MSI Afterburner, or any other graphics card overclocking software of your choice, you can take the next step towards enjoying your game even more.

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