Can’t Change Core Voltage In MSI Afterburner

Can’t Change Core Voltage In MSI Afterburner Don’t worry I’m going to show you how to change and unlock Core Voltage In MSI Afterburner  It is very easy and will allow you to overclock more efficiently. 

Can’t Change Core Voltage In MSI Afterburner


Right-click on MSI Afterburner


And Open File Location

can't change core voltage in msi afterburner


Go to Profile Folder

can't change core voltage in msi afterburner


Then open this file with WordPad

 core voltage in msi afterburner


Copies this setting and paste in Wordpad of this file. Afterwards, save the file.




Restart MSI Afterburner


there you go finally now you change and unlock core voltage

How to unlock core voltage in msi afterburner

MSI Afterburner is a popular program for overclocking GPUs, but how many of you know how to unlock the core voltage? Well, I am here to tell you how. You will need to download MSI Afterburner and have it installed before getting started.

The first thing that needs to be done is to click on “settings” in the upper-right hand corner of the window once it has loaded up.

Next, click “voltage control” and then change your core voltage slider from 100% down to where you want your max voltage set (usually around 1/3).

Then exit out of MSI Afterburner and start up your favourite game or benchmarking software like 3DMark Firestrike Extreme which will show how high your core voltage is. For example, the max power limit and max temp are set to unlimited (ticked on) along with a high clock speed and high voltage.

Here Is The second Method to unlock core voltage in msi Afterburner .

Unlocking the voltage on your MSI cards is a quick and simple process that can provide more power to your GPU.

Simply follow these steps below:  – Open up Afterburner software – Click “MSI” at the bottom left of the screen, next to “power limit”. – Switch from 100% to 125%.

That’s it! Now you have unlocked core voltage in the MSI afterburner. Keep an eye on temperatures if they are too high or low for any reason.

MSI Afterburner Not Showing Voltage 3080

Answer: If the MSI afterburner is not showing your full voltage, you may need to increase voltages in Nvidia’s power settings. End-users must first make sure they’ve updated their GPU driver to the latest version.

Start by opening the NVIDIA control panel (which can be accessed by right-clicking on desktop) then head over to “Manage 3D Settings” -> “Program Settings.”

First, locate MSI Afterburner under Program Settings and either turn it off or set Power reduction mode to 0%. Select Apply every time you change an option for this setting – otherwise changes won’t apply!

The user will also want to locate MSI Afterburner under Global Setting where there should be a General Tab. Check the box that says Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames and change the value from Application Controlled to “In-game Settings.”

Under In-game settings, select “Power” next to Prerendered frame limit. The user will be able to set how many frames they want pre-rendering before being sent to the display.

Usually a set of one or two is good here since if it is set too high, it can cause issues with how the game runs.

Should I unlock voltage control MSI Afterburner

Yes – To clarify By “unlocking” we mean that by using Afterburner you will be given access to apply a higher voltage than the default setting, and it’s also referred to as overclocking.

While you can find other tools such as CPU-Z to monitor your CPU frequency for free, MSI afterburner offers the range of customization parameters necessary for serious overclocking utilizing built-in voltage adjustment and control extensions unavailable to other areas such as CPU-Z.

Unlocking also means an Afterburner user may set multiple different clock speeds and power limits at different times (sometimes called ramping).

So if pure graphics performance or desktop graphical performance is more important than power saving – turning down the clock speed but cranking up the voltage might be the best way to go.

What Is Core Voltage MSI Afterburner ?

This is a new type of MSI afterburner, which has the following advantages over traditional ones.

quickly adjusting frequency to ensure maximum performance or efficiency, enables a more accurate AMD OC profile enabling precision overclocking.

-It protects GPU’s core voltage to avoid excessive gamers can pushing voltage beyond the safety limit, less worrying about system stability. 

-Exclusive “sudden death” mode control makes everything under control when encountering sudden death events.

This MSI afterburner provides an entirely different level of graphics card overclocking for anyone looking to spend serious money on the graphics card and also do something with it besides run games at 1080p 60fps max settings–people who want to maximize every ounce of their hardware.

-It provides a suite of overclocking tools to meet the needs and expectations of advanced gamers.

-Making MSI afterburner an obvious choice for serious overclockers looking for performance, stability and efficiency with their AMD GPU’s. 

Should you force constant voltage MSI Afterburner?

No you shouldn’t. It is true that it’s a good idea to force constant voltage on MSI Afterburner for more stability, but you don’t have to because the majority of modern graphics cards have reading buffers that reduce the need for more voltage.

As a result, if your card can support a constant voltage and doesn’t overheat with “constant” voltage, then go ahead and set your card to “constant” so it can be used as an overwhelming last resort.

But most older games might require more program power than the modern games do (ex: Battlefield 1942), which means you’re sacrificing performance in those games by not forcing Constant Voltage.”Flexing my muscles as I answer with scientific facts”

Reading buffers are not the best option for overclocking because they cannot provide stable voltage output.

Conclusion :

How to unlock core voltage in MSI afterburner and it’s a simple process once you know how to do it. Install MSI Afterburner and take advantage of this powerful tool for overclocking their GPUs! If you are looking for help with anything related to your graphics card or computer, please let us know in Comment Section.

We can walk you through any issues related to gaming PCs, laptops, monitors, desktops – even networks. We will be happy to answer any questions about installing programs like afterburner as well! Remember that unlocking the core voltage does not always lead to better performance in games.